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2011 was full of fire, wind, heat, drought, an unexpected cost and emergency decisions for all of West Texas. the first two-thirds of 2010 were very wet and we had tons of feed and fuel banked for the 2011fires to feed on.


The Drought

From September 2010 to October 2011 we received Less than 7" of rain. 2011

was an extremely windy year with 100 days of over 100 degrees.


The Fire

Over 1,000,000 acres of Texas were on fire in April of 2011. by the end of the year

5,000,000 acres were lost in Texas.



 After the Fire April 2011

The six months following the fire were hot, windy, and dry. We saw zero re-growth for the rest of the year. 




 NEBRASKA - a welcome sight !

Thanks to all the good people of Nebraska that allowed us to become temporary neighbors!