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Cattle: SMS Cattle protocol

Geneticsa cow that can maintain body condition, breed, lactate, raise a 525# calf in 7-months

                                and rebread under a harsh West Texas Environment

Fertility - Heifers should calve at 80% of their mature weight and then re-breed in the first third of the breeding

                           season. Cows should calve for 8 plus years on a 365 day cycle.

 Health - We maintain a strong proactive approach to herd health; Our cows and bulls are managed to insure

                            clean  reproductive soundness. Our calf health program, at branding and pre-weaning insures calves 

                             are ready to be healthy, thrifty, growing calves that never look back whether it be on wheat, on pasture

                             or in the feed yard.                        

Nutrition - SMS cows are in a range environment and expected to maintain productivity with minimal





SMS 2012 Replacement Heifers


SMS heifers work well on wheat or in the yard as well as making excellent replacement heifers.
SMS offers for sale:
Weand and pre-conditioned steers and heifer calves
Yearling steers and heifers
Replacement heifers calfhood vaccinated and ready to go.

SMS Cows - produce top of the line commercial calves

Swenson commercial cows are built to be fertile in "cold  and

wet" or "hot and dry", SMS cows are tough.  



Calves are weaned at 7-months of age and pre-conditioned for 45 - days,

with a sound pro-active health plan, all caves are source and age verified.