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West Texas values since 1882


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West Texas Cattle Ranch 

For top-quality horses and cattle, look to the professionals with a breeding heritage of over 125 years.

The hisortic SMS Ranch also has excellent Whitetail deer hunting available leased by the acre.  

 Swenson Land & Cattle Company in Stamford, Texas, is a cattle ranch.


Waiting for morning mounts



Riches of the SMS Ranch
The SMS Ranch is Located in four counties of West Texas. With cattle also in Western Nebraska, and Eastern Wyoming. The SMS cow herd consist of black and black baldy, Angus and Hereford crossed commercial cows. Horses are an every day tool for the SMS cowboys. Finished ranch geldings are offered for sale. The SMS ranch also has 6500 acres of wheat grazing available on the Flat Top Ranch west of Stamford. Quality Whitetail Deer are abundant on both the Flat Top and Throckmorton ranches.


Western Legacy
Our ranch is a piece of Texas history, including a cattle and horse breeding program that has evolved over 150 years of development. We take pride in our heritage and intend to keep it going for generations to come.

  Early Morning "by the Wagon Lantern" at the Branding Wagon 2010

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